About My Blog

Because it’s now the summer and I have ample amounts of free time on my hands, I’ve started that I am going to start writing my thoughts and opinions on the various movies I watch as well as how I feel about certain movies that have yet to come out.  I figured writing on a blog like this would be better than constantly pestering my friends, who quite frankly don’t care about movies as much as I do, each time I see a new film and want to talk about it.  If anyone actually bothers to read my reviews then feel free to post any comments that you want!  I love to have discussions about my views on movies and always want to hear what other people have to say as well.  Also if there’s any particular movie you want me to write about, then just let me know and I’ll get on that right away.  Hope everyone enjoys reading these, and if not it doesn’t matter because I’m going to enjoy writing nonetheless.


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