Top Movies of the 1980s

Following the momentous time period that the 1970s was for cinema, the 1980s did its best to try and produce its own batch of influential films.  The movies may not be as grand as those of the 70s, but they are still enjoyable and historic nonetheless.

10.  Ghostbusters: Fantastic chemistry from the impeccably casted group of actors and hysterical writing make Ghostbusters brilliant for repeated-comedy viewing.

9.  E. T. The Extra Terrestrial: One of the most magical family films ever crafted, adding even more diversity and range to the already expansive repertoire of Steven Spielberg.

8.  Die Hard: What more do you want than bare-footed Bruce Willis going up against a German Allan Rickman? Brilliant action and memorable scenes makes this flick an action film with an exclamation mark.

7.  Gandhi- Backed by the electrifying performance of Ben Kingsley as the titular character, Gandhi serves as a film built for personal reflection that is so grand we probably won’t see anything like it created for quite some time.

6.  The Breakfast Club: The teen classic that defines teen classics and would ultimately go on to influence other films such as Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Breakfast Club is a great testament to youth, rebellion, and the uniqueness of the individual going through high school.

5.  The Shining: While it differs in many aspects from the source material, Stanley Kubrick successfully creates a multi-dimensional tale of madness and despair with one of the greatest horrors at its core: being hunted by a member of your family.

4.  Aliens: James Cameron is one of the only directors that could take Alien and improve on it in so many ways, including special effects and acting strength. While just as suspenseful as the original, more entertaining characters and action sequences ensure this film is one of the best sequels ever created.

3.  Raiders of the Lost Ark: While the rest of the Indiana Jones films (except for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) are all good, Raiders stands as the movie that defines the trilogy and gave us one of the most iconic action adventure characters.

2.  Raging Bull: One of Scorsese’s classics and containing one of the most memorable opening shots, Raging Bull takes the concept of boxing and uses it to paint a portrait of struggling American life in the mid century, revolving around themes of domestic abuse and the pursuit of success.

1.  Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back: Darker, bolder, and more entertaining than the original Star Wars, the second installment acts as “The Dark Knight” to the original’s “Batman Begins”.

Honorable Mentions: Blade Runner, Star Wars VI, Back to the Future, Ferri’s Bueller’s day off, The Terminator, The Princess Bride, The Karate Kid



One thought on “Top Movies of the 1980s

  1. Okay I agree with MOST of these, but I would say Back to the Future is at least top 10 (probably because it’s my favorite movie of all time) and Stand By Me should be at least an honorable mention. I love the 80s so overall I think you got a solid list there 🙂


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