Minions Review

I like the minions. I think they’re funny, cute, entertaining, and incredibly creative. They were one of the x factors that made the first Despicable Me film so great. Even though trying to understand what they’re saying through their Italian, English, French, and Spanish mixed language is difficult, you still get the general sense of what their emotions are and how playful they are as creatures. They are the perfect sidekicks to the perfect villain for Gru. Unfortunately, that’s all that they can be. Nothing more. As I was watching their film, “Minions,” there was this overwhelming feeling that the minions are destined to be always be sidekicks and never the actual superheroes. They thrive in an environment where they are the support cast. They just don’t have a strong enough presence to command a solo movie for its entire run time. Everything about this film just seems to fall that little bit short: the comedy, the story, and the characters. So much of it just feels that little bit too forced, just like the image of the minions has been forced down our throats for the past few weeks.

There are some funny moments in it, but it’s never comedy that makes you laugh out loud.   The jokes tend to just produce a sort of chuckle every now and then. There were about four different families with young children in the theater when I saw it, and the children were laughing throughout the entire movie. The comedy is definitely geared more towards a younger audience and won’t be enjoyed as much by anybody over the age of thirteen. That’s probably the biggest area where this film falls short in comparison to other great animated films, such as Inside Out from earlier this year. Inside Out had to ability to create great comedy that was funny for children and adults alike in order to keep people of all ages entertained and engaged in the film. Minions is the sort of movie that I imagine will be the bane of all babysitter’s and parents’ existences when it comes out on DVD because they will have to live with it constantly playing in the background. It will keep the kids entertained, but it will get old very quickly for the older age groups.

I applaud them for attempting to make this film because it had the potential to be something special and add an extra element to the Despicable Me universe, but sadly it pales in comparison to the other two films. It is interesting to see the origin of the minions, and they still remain some of the most original characters ever created. They will always be slightly entertaining no matter what and children will enjoy the movie, but it just lacks that little bit extra to make it worthwhile.


Minions (2015): 2/4 stars


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