Entourage Review

Entourage was one of those TV shows that captivated me like none other. I get bored with TV shows that run on too long, but I always had a soft spot for Entourage even when it dropped off towards the end. I couldn’t have been more excited when I found out that a movie was going to be coming out this past summer. After watching the film, there is no possible way that I could say I’m disappointed in any sense. Reason being, however, is because I am such a huge fan of the Entourage TV show. This movie, instead of standing out as its own creation with a cinema like expansion on themes and character development, simply plays out like an hour and 45 minute television special. The plotline isn’t a worthy movie plot line and there are side stories that don’t seem to be relevant or hold much weight in the grand scheme of it all. They overdid the cameos, but let’s be honest here, they’re fun to watch the first time around. The script was a bit dull in places and for parts of the movie it felt like it something we had all seen before. If you haven’t watched the television series, or weren’t a big fan of the show, then you won’t enjoy this movie either.

Now, with that being said, after watching the film I took time to reflect about the movie a little bit more and I came to the realization that I didn’t want the movie to be its own individual, completely separate from the television series. I had waited so long to see these beloved Entourage characters in a new adventure, and I was given just that. I would be more upset if the writers had gone and made dramatic differences to the television show in order to help the film stand out on its own. I wanted the banter, the friendship, the celebrities, Ari Gold doing what Ari Gold does best, and when it was all said and done, it was perfect in that respect. This was a film that was designed to be for the die-hard Entourage fans that wanted something more from the beloved TV show. It provides closure in a way that the show never did and brings back all the characteristics that made the show a hit.

In all reality, is it that great of film overall? No, not technically. But I don’t care about that. At the end of the day, I got to spend an extra hour and 45 minutes with some of my favorite fictional characters that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy if this film was never made. I won’t praise it as a great film, but it is a good film for those who love the television show, and unlike most films nowadays, this movie knows what it was designed for and doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t. And I think that deserves at least some recognition. I will always be smiling when the credits roll every time I see this film, albeit simply for just sentimental reasons.


Entourage (2015): 2.5/4 stars


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