Predictions for the Golden Globes

Post by Stephen Feely

The Golden Globes are this Sunday night and as promised, here are my picks for what I think the winners will be:

Motion Picture Drama: Spotlight

Spotlight is by far the best film of the year, with every aspect of it being perfect. There are some critics that think this award isn’t as set in stone as I do, but I can’t see any movie topping it. There’s a slight chance that Carol might sneak something, but that would surprise me.

spotlight image


Lead Actor Drama: Dicaprio;  The Revenant

While I haven’t seen The Revenant yet, the buzz around DiCaprio’s performance is undeniable, making him the favorite. DiCaprio has garnered so much respect throughout his career that it only seems fair to give him the recognition he deserves in an incredibly challenging role.

Lead Actress Drama: Brie Larson; Room

Cate Blanchett’s performance in Carol is extraordinary, but Brie Larson is an unstoppable force in Room, and the Golden Globes owe her one after snubbing Short Term 12 in so many areas.




Motion Picture Comedy: The Martian

It may not be an actual comedy, despite what the category suggests, and that could cause some decrease in votes received, yet The Martian is still head and shoulders better than any other film nominated in this exceptionally weak section.


Lead Actor Comedy: Steve Carell, The Big Short

Mark Ruffalo and Al Pacino starred in non-event films and Carell was better than his counterpart, Christian Bale, in the Big Short. While The Martian may be a better film than The Big Short, Steve Carell is one of the standout strong points from The Big Short and is proving himself as a serious actor.



Lead Actress Comedy: Amy Schumer, Trainwreck

A category that really has nothing to talk about for any of its nominees. Ultimately, Schumer will win because 1) her drunken speech will be the best one and 2) the Globes will want her to host next year, so this will be the best way to appease her.



Best Director: Tom McCarthy, Spotlight

I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if Todd Haynes or George Miller win for Carol or Mad Max respectively, as each did amazing work, but Tom McCarthy directed the most complete film of the year and should be rightly awarded for doing so.


Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina

A category that could really go in any direction with the competition all being relatively close to each other in terms of quality, I think Vikander will be honored with the award for a brilliant performance as a robot with human emotion and also to help make up for the fact that there’s no way she could compete with Blanchett and Larson for the lead actress award.


Supporting Actor: Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation

An actor that has been continuously underappreciated by American audiences, Elba will add to his haul of Golden Globes from his performances in Luther with his brilliant performance as child army leader in Africa. Mark Rylance could very well will to give Bridge of Spies at least one win from the night, but Elba is the more important performance in his respective film.


download (1)


Screenplay: Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer, Spotlight

While Tarantino always produces quality screenplays, the dialogue in Spotlight is not only engaging but is crafted to a near perfect T to give this very touchy subject the right amount of respect and drama it deserves.


Animated Picture: Inside Out

One of the best years for animated features is still topped off by the insanely creative return to form for Pixar in Inside Out. Bright, vibrant, and deeply emotional, this film is the highlight in a stacked category.




Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul

It won the Cannes Film Festival and that alone is reason enough to give the award to this Hungarian concentration camp drama.

That closes out my predictions for who will take home prizes at this year’s Golden Globes. Time will tell how accurate my powers of prognostication really are.


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