Best Movies of 2015

Post by: Stephen Feely

For this list, I am ranking my top 10 best films of 2015. This list is being determined by the overall quality of the film rather than how well it did at the box office or what the general public’s perception is. This list is entirely opinion, based upon my own viewing of the films. I haven’t had the time to see The Revenant or Hateful Eight before compiling the list, so once I have seen those films I will update it if need be. But until then, here are my Top 10 Best Films from 2015.

  1. Creed– Managing to recapture the spirit of the original Rocky film in a fresh and vibrant way, Creed manages to be another stellar production from the dynamic duo of director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station).




  1. Mad Max– One of the best action films of recent years, Mad Max sees George Miller at his directorial best, by crafting a film with brilliant effects and visuals plus a surprisingly strong story to back it all up.


  1. It Follows– Despite not being the largest fan of most horror films, It Follows earned my respect. The film manages to be undoubtedly original and brilliantly subtle in its horror. A classic horror story to be told around modern camp fires.




  1. Timbuktu– Sometimes the best films are not the most entertaining ones, but the ones that hold a message with true emotional depth. Timbuktu manages to portray its somewhat unknown world in a way that does justice by those who reside in that area of the world. No extra dramatization; just pure emotional cinema at its best.


  1. Inside Out– Representing a stellar return to form for animation giants Pixar, Inside Out is one of the most creative storylines of this year, managing to extract every possible emotion from the viewer while being fun for audiences of all ages.


  1. Amy– Documentaries never seem to get the recognition they deserve in comparison to other films, but Amy stood as my favorite film of 2015 for a long time by paying respectable homage to an incredibly talented artist who, despite her personal demons, was able to enrich the world with her music and soul.




  1. Beasts of No Nation– A glorious and honest portrayal of war through the eyes of a child solider in Africa, Beasts of No Nation hits upon all the possible layers of war and struggles of youth to craft an excellent character study of those children whose lives are turned upside down by the crises occurring in their home countries.


  1. Carol– A simple love story told in a sublimely elegant manner, Carol benefits from an incredible “Mad-Men-like” attention to detail and two incredible performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in the lead roles. Deliberately paced and subtly brilliant, this film never shouts or makes a fuss, but leaves an impressionable mark.


  1. Room– Mesmerizingly powerful and shockingly emotional, this movie is never an easy film to watch, but manages to be far too gripping to ever turn away. It stands as a testament to the true bond between a mother and her child, while never compromising its grasp on reality and the frailties of the human condition.




Honorable mentions: The Martian, Ex Machina, Sicario, Mr. Holmes, Slow West, Dope


  1. Spotlight– Brilliant and necessary filmmaking about brilliant and necessary journalism, Spotlight does everything perfectly, while never overdramatizing the situation at hand and keeping the journalists from being portrayed as larger than life heroes. The runaway best picture of the year for movie, Spotlight will be one of my favorite films of the decade when it is all said and done.


spotlight image


What was your favorite film of the year?


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