Netflix Binge For March

Just Because It’s March: House of Cards

If you don’t know what House of Cards is by now, you probably live under a rock. Or don’t leave your house. Or don’t have friends that bug you to no end about “this great new show” they started watching last night that “you totally just have to watch.” Or maybe you just don’t have friends, period. Who knows? Led by stellar performances from Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the leading roles as Frank and Claire Underwood, a power couple leading a political charge in America. House of Cards is filled with intense drama, great direction and incredible acting across the board. Since its introduction, this show has become a don’t-miss, binge-worthy hit from Netflix. Season 4 is now available to watch.

Stephen’s Rating: 3/4 stars

Because the Weather is Getting Nicer: Lilo and Stitch

After recently re-watching this film for the first time since I was in grade school, I realized I never had a full appreciation for this movie. I always enjoyed it as a child, but this film is actually very good and can be enjoyed by the entire family. The charming and colorful story is set against the tropical backdrop of Hawaii, and what more could you need to get you into the Spring spirit than a fun adventure set in a topical setting? Plus you get to relive your childhood at the same time. And it’s only an hour and 25 minutes long.

Stephen’s Review: 3/4 stars

Because DiCaprio Just Won an Oscar: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

In case you missed it, Leonardo DiCaprio just won his first ever Oscar this year after being nominated for the sixth time in his career, so what better film to watch than the first film that he was nominated for. DiCaprio received a best supporting actor nomination for this early 90s drama about a young boy trying to juggling issues in his own life as well as having to care for his mentally challenged brother and obese mother. A film that shows that the true heroes are those who get by everyday while caring unconditionally for those around them no matter how hard times become, this film gives a good message that counteracts that from the big action adventure blockbusters. One of DiCaprio’s best performances, this film is a must see for any Leo fan.

Stephen’s Review: 3.5/4 star


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